What is the Charter Advantage SideDrawer?

The Charter Advantage SideDrawer was developed to simplify the financial advice process, putting everything in one place and accessible using your computer, tablet, or phone. When you use the Charter Advantage SideDrawer, you can be confident that you are organized and ready to take control of your finances. Also, should you be unable to manage your finances at any time in the future, your family will have access to everything they need in one easy to access place.

Is the Charter Advantage SideDrawer secure?

Security is why we chose SideDrawer, a collaboration tool for secure, online document storage designed specifically for private financial and personal documents. SideDrawer’s no-attachment and no-file sharing link approach, combined with the Charter Advantage, gives you a rich, easy to use system to organize and manage all your financial planning documents.

Click here to learn more about SideDrawer and its many security features designed to keep your information private and safe.

Who is the Charter Advantage SideDrawer for?

The Charter Advantage SideDrawer was created for our clients, to help you plan for your future and have the peace of mind that comes with being in control and knowing everything is organized in one easy to access place.

What does the Charter Advantage SideDrawer cost?

There is no cost for our clients to use the Charter Advantage SideDrawer and your information is yours, you will never be the product of other free services that profit from your data.

How do I sign up for the Charter Advantage SideDrawer?

As a client of Charter Wealth, you will receive an email from that includes a link to the SideDrawer application, simply click on in to create your account.

Click here to request access to the Charter Advantage SideDrawer application.