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What is My Wealth Records?

My Wealth Records was developed to simplify the financial advice process, putting everything in one place and accessible using your computer, tablet, or phone. When you use My Wealth Records, you can be confident that you are organized and ready to take control of your finances. Also, should you be unable to manage your finances at any time in the future, your family will have access to everything they need in one easy to access place.

Is My Wealth Records secure?

For security, My Wealth Records is built on SideDrawer, a collaboration tool for secure, online document storage designed specifically for private financial and personal documents. SideDrawer’s no-attachment and no-file sharing link approach, combined with the My Wealth Records process, gives you a rich, easy to use system that will:

  1. Help you document and manage your personal and business finances, so you can be confident that you are doing everything necessary to ensure the goals you set are achieved.
  2. Help your family with clear instructions on where everything is and what they need to know should you one day be unable to manage your finances for yourself.
  3. Help all financial advisors you work with to clearly understand your values, intentions and goals for your wealth, ensuring that the advice each provides is in your best interest and complements your overall plans.

Click here to learn more about SideDrawer and its many security features designed to keep your information private and safe.

Who is My Wealth Records for?

My Wealth Records is provided to all clients of Charter Wealth Management, to enable secure sharing of sensitive personal and financial documents, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your finance are organized in one easy to access place.

What does My Wealth Records cost?

As a client of Charter Wealth Management, there is no cost to use My Wealth Records and your information is yours, should you ever decide to terminate our relationship for any reason, we will assist you in transferring all records to another advisor, or to a SideDrawer direct account.

How do I sign up for My Wealth Records?

All clients of Charter Wealth Management will be provided with an invitation to open a My Wealth Records account. If you would like information on becoming a client, click here and complete the form to request a no-obligation consultation with Gord Malic.

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