Providing Security, One Life At A Time

Gord Malic has been helping people grow and protect their wealth since 1987 and is the founder and president of Charter Wealth Management Inc. He holds the CFP designation and is member of FP Canada, a national professional body working to provide the financial planning profession with the leadership it needs to help Canadians achieve financial well-being in this new digital era.

The three things that Gord’s clients do not worry about are:

  1. Paying more tax than they are required to,
  2. Losing their principal to the market, and
  3. The financial risk of illness, disability, or death

Gord believes the most important things that he does as a financial advisor is to deliver a cheque to the bedside of a client when they are sick and cannot work, so their family can carry on and not worry about money. Or, take a cheque and put it in the hand of a spouse that desperately needs it because their soulmate died on the way home from work. Or, take a cheque and place it in the hand of the remaining shareholders of a company that has just lost a key person or owner.