All the checklists & worksheets on this page are provided to enhance the financial planning services we provide our clients, they are free to use and do not require you to engage our services.

Meetings Notes

Recording meeting notes is the best way to ensure that the instructions you provide to your advisors and the recommendations you agree to implement are reliably acted on.

Meeting Note Template: Click here
Use this worksheet to record everything that is discussed when meeting with your advisors.

Setting Goals & Objectives

The more careful you are at defining your goals and setting objectives, the more likely you will do the things needed to get what you want. Having well thought out goals and objectives is an important part of managing your wealth.

Goal Checklist: Click here
Use this checklist of common goals to help you clarify what you want to accomplish.

Goal Planning Worksheet: Click here
Use this worksheet to describe your goals in greater detail, set objectives and key results.

Applying For Government Benefits

Determining the optimal age to begin taking government benefits requires careful analysis. Select the wrong age and you could cost yourself thousands in additional income taxes and/or lost benefits over your lifetime.

CPP/OAS Checklist: Click Here
Use this checklist if you are considering applying for Canada Pension and/or Old Age Security within the next year.

Your Estate

Providing clear instructions for the distribution of your personal property can help to minimize the possibility of resentment between family members due to confusion over who gets what.

Gifting Inventory: Click Here
Use this worksheet to maintain an inventory of all gifts made prior to your death.

Memorandum of Wishes: Click here
Use this worksheet for final requests, instructions for the distribution of property or advice you may want to give.