We believe that every family and every business needs a “financial quarterback”. A good financial quarterback has general knowledge on tax, legal and financial products, but is an absolute expert in planning and risk management. When you put it all together, you get the benefit from all of your advisors and investment decisions. When you hire us as your quarterback, we will have all the information required to make solid recommendations to you. This part of our service is the most important and, it’s complementary.

1: Working With the Right Advisor:
Finding the right advisor is paramount.

2: Have the right Number of Advisors:
Each advisor should serve a specific purpose in each area of your financial life.

3: Choose a “Financial Quarterback”:
Your financial planner should be the “quarterback” of your team. We will help develop, guide, monitor and coordinate your team to achieve your goals.

4: Who Should be on Your Team:
Financial Advisor, Accountant, Lawyer, Insurance Specialist, and any other specialists that you need.

5: Trust
By working together with your advisor team, we can help you achieve your financial goals in a collaborative and effective manner.

Our Process

Sometimes there is more than one good route to a destination. Our approach identifies your current situation and clearly maps out the path to your goal, with special emphasis placed on protecting you from risk and guaranteeing you results. Life is a journey, and your plan needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the road conditions.

  1. Define the scope of our engagement.
  2. Assist with setting up your My Wealth Records account.
  3. Gather personal and/or financial information relating to the engagement.
  4. Further analysis of your situation to account for any new information.
  5. Identify and evaluate the financial strategies and prepare your plan.
  6. Discuss implementation actions, responsibilities, and time frames.
  7. Agree on schedule for review of your financial plan.

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