Financial Protection for You & Your Loved Ones

Our team at Charter Wealth Management Inc. offers financial planning as well as insurance plans! We are brokers for major insurance companies. Whether you are concerned about your family or business, we offer a variety of insurance options to address your concerns. If an unforeseen event occurs, our insurance plans can provide the financial protection you need!

We offer the following insurance plans:

Life insurance

Our life insurance plans include permanent and term options. Term life insurance includes mortgage insurance for 5 to 20 years. Selecting a term plan can be an economical way to provide financial protection for your loved ones or business. Permanent life insurance includes terms to up to age 100. With a permanent life insurance plan, you can receive the capital you may need to pay the income taxes and other costs associated with the orderly distribution of your estate.

Critical illness & disability insurance

Critical illness insurance terms range from 10 years to life and is the only product can pay you a lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a specified serious medical condition and survive the diagnosis for 30 days. Disability insurance includes income replacement and business overhead expenses to replace income as a result of an unforeseen illness or injury that leaves your disabled.

Long-term care & health insurance

Long-term care insurances includes home and institutional care to provide financial benefits if you develop a chronic illness or are unable to care for yourself. Our health insurance products include health and dental plans to bridge the gaps in the regulated government health insurance plan.

To request more information about our insurance or financial plans in Alberta, BC and Nova Scotia, please contact us at (587) 772-0984. We offer complimentary evaluations to discuss your specific concerns!